Student’s Dream

Student’s Dream 

Christopher Bloodworth


D uring the summer of 1968, six children disappeared without a trace in the small town of Crestwell, Arizona. The town grew frantic and found an obvious suspect in new school teacher Danny Matthews. All of the children were in his class at Crestwell Elementary and when police searched the school teacher’s house, they found a Polaroid of one of the children. The young boy was bound around the ankles and wrists with duct tape. The picture was taken from a high vantage point, shooting down into what looked like an oil drum with holes drilled around the sides.

Police theorized that Danny put each of the six children into one of these barrels and buried them in the desert that surrounds this small town.

Once Danny was in custody, the disappearances stopped.

Bill Kellingsbury, Principal of Crestwell Elementary, was quoted in the Crestwell Monitor as saying, “We are all happy that the children and the community as a whole can relax. The children can now grow up safe and sound. They can now dream as students are wont to do.”

On June 23, 1969, Danny Matthews was sentenced to death by gas chamber. Throughout the whole trial, the young school teacher denied all accusations of wrongdoing.

His last words to the gallery of grieving parents were these: “In time, you will realize that you are the murderers, not I. I hope you remember me, sitting in this chair of death, sentenced to the same. All of your hands are covered in the blood of an innocent man. Every single one of you.”

About twenty years later, the townspeople of Crestwell had moved on, mostly putting the town’s dark past behind them.

All that changed on March 22, 1989.

Beloved principal Bill Kellingsbury was found one week after he died when neighbors reported smelling something strange coming from the Kellingsbury residence.

Upon entering the residence, police found Bill dead in his bed. The coroner stated that the cause of death was natural. Upon further inspection of the house, police found a hidden door in the study. This door led to a small room with a table.

Carved into the side of the table were the words “Student’s Dream.”

Arranged around the table were the corpses of 6 humans appearing to be late adolescents. In the hands of the corpse at the head of the table was a photo album. This photo album was filled with pictures of the six children that had been kidnapped 20 years prior at various ages. All were from the same vantage point as the crucial picture that helped convict Danny Matthews to a death sentence.

Principal Bill Kellingsbury grew the children in these barrels until they were the height he wanted, and then he let them die. After that, he arranged the corpses around the table, propping the bodies up with metal wire and rods so they would stand without help.

We know this because the photo album has candid pictures of him working on the bodies. Bill also took a self-portrait, lying on the table with the decaying corpses surrounding him, every single day until the day he died.