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Boothworld Industries Employee Manual

BookCover5x8 anthology Deluxe rgb

Welp. I’m in the final phases of creating the Boothworld Industries Employee Manual. Inside you’ll find an anthology of stories revolving around Boothworld. Is that all?

… do you even know me?

There’s a wholesome connect-the-dots, an uplifting color-by-number, and a “choose your own death” that runs upside-down along the bottom of each page. I’ve filled out the whole thing, but thought you all might want to play along. Respond to this post with your idea of an interesting death and you might just find it included in the final product.

We at Boothworld Industries say thanks and welcome to the club.

Let’s Play Doctor! (Lucy Mecrea & Mark Mecrea)


Let’s Play Doctor! (Lucy Mecrea & Mark Mecrea) 

Christopher Bloodworth


O ne of the most popular images on the internet also has the darkest, unknown back story you’ll ever read.

On April 25, 2006, Dr. Lucy Mecrea gave the two Mecrea boys a fruit smoothie to take to her husband, Mark Mecrea. She told the boys that they were going to play a silly joke on their father.

Unbeknownst to Mark, the smoothie was dosed with both Ambien and Lunesta. After drinking the smoothie, Mark soon grew sleepy and retired to the bedroom to take a nap. The combined dosage of Ambien and Lunesta was enough to keep Mark under for several hours.

With Mark unconscious, Lucy asked her boys if they wanted to play doctor and pretend that they were her.

The boys said yes, and Lucy gave them several syringes each that were filled with “medicine to make daddy feel all better again.” The boys then had a field day with the syringes and their father. The coroner noted that Mark Mecrea had over 400 puncture wounds in various locations from the syringes. In each syringe was a cocktail of bleach, antifreeze, codeine, and promethazine.

In the picture, you can even see a place on the pillow where one of the boys accidentally squirted one of the syringes.

Left behind, pinned to a dead Mark Mecrea’s chest with a syringe was this cryptic note: I’ve just awoken from the most lovely, sick dream. I’m nice, I swear. I only ever wanted to live until Marchtember Oneteenth. George Costanza knows that also I love food. Soon my boys will too.

Lucy was found two years later, living in a tiny cabin in Crestline, California. Her children’s bones were found jumbled up and buried in the back yard. The bones showed evidence of teeth marks.

The candid image of the blissful Mecrea boys posing for the camera with the body of their murdered father continues to be uploaded across the web because the children appear to be enjoying themselves and the father is just enduring it.

The image is said to be parenthood in a nutshell.

The back story is much darker.

You wan see uh show?


You wan see uh show? 

Christopher Bloodworth


B y 1962, most freak shows no longer toured the country.

One lesser known group continued to tour well into the 1970’s. This group toured under the moniker “Victoria Mae’s Children.” The Children, as they later became known, posted billboards and canvases along the main streets of the towns they visited. The murals showed images of brightly colored unicorns, flying fish with diamond scales, and mermaids with long flowing blonde hair. They advertised a one night only show that the locals had never seen the likes of.

Naturally these images brought the local population out in droves, but most visitors left feeling ripped off as a result of the rigged carnival games, badly stitched taxidermy, and terrible food.

Pure disappointment.

In every town The Children visited, one set of parents felt heartbreak.

The following account was recreated from the testimony of a young boy that escaped.

“You wan see uh show?”

These were the words 9 year old Jimmy Hale heard on the night The Children visited Odessa, a tiny town in west Texas.

“What kind of show?” Jimmy asked.

“You’ll see,” a woman in a white shawl said.

Jimmy shrugged and followed her. As they walked, the woman greeted all of the other freak show workers by name. The workers smiled at her, but when they looked at Jimmy, he saw pity in their eyes.

A growing sense of unease fell upon Jimmy as they arrived at their destination.

The woman in white held open the flap of a night black canvas tent for him. Above the flap was a red sign with pink paint that read, “Victoria Mae’s Children, starring Jimmy Hale.”

“How did you know my name?” Jimmy asked.

“Children told me,” the woman answered.

Jimmy shrugged as he walked into the tent. It was a pretty good trick.

The inside of the tent was pitch black until the woman lit an oil lamp that hung down from at the center. Jimmy’s eyes grew wide as he looked around the tent. Shelves filled with glass jars lined the walls. Inside each jar was what appeared to be a human head. Children’s heads.

Jimmy tore his eyes off the shelves and looked at the center of the tent. The woman in white ducked under a large table that stood there, framed in the dancing light of the oil lamp. A black sheet with two holes cut in the center covered the table.

As Jimmy opened his mouth to say he wanted to leave, two puppets sprouted from the holes.

“You wan see uh show?” The one on the right asked in the woman’s voice, turning to the other puppet.

Jimmy took a step forward, his mouth open.

The puppet on the left turned to face Jimmy and a man’s voice came out of the puppet’s moving mouth. “I’ll give you a show you’ll never forget, kid.”

Jimmy turned to run as both puppets started to laugh. Two different voices. One male. One female.

Jimmy swore to police that all of the children’s heads in the jars opened their eyes and laughed as he ran from the tent.

When police went to inspect the campgrounds, they found no trace of a tent with heads in jars. They found no trace of a woman in white, or even a table.

Assuming Jimmy was crying wolf, they headed home for the night.

The next morning, Victoria Mae’s Children were packed and gone, never to be seen again.

Sitting on Jimmy Hale’s front porch was a wooden box. The contents of that box are pictured above.

The two infant corpses on the left were the puppets the woman in white made speak to Jimmy.

Three nights later, Jimmy Hale disappeared.

His parents walked in to find the wall above his bed painted in Jimmy’s blood. Scrawled across the wall in pink was this question:

You wan see uh show?

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The Pencee Scarecrows


The Pencee Scarecrows

Christopher Bloodworth


O n May 1, 2009, Pencee McLane left with five of her closest friends on a camping trip. What occurred to Pencee and her friends that night has become a mystery for the ages.

It’s reported that the group arrived at their planned destination at 7 PM the night of the 29th. The group made camp and spent the night drinking and having a good time. When Pencee awoke the following morning, all of the people in her group were gone.

Upon investigating the campsite, she found nothing out of the ordinary.

The SUV was still there.

The tents were still there. All of the group’s food and clothing was still in their respective tents.

Nothing had been disturbed.

She spent the next hour texting and calling her friends, but not one person responded. She even called their parents. Beginning to panic, Pencee called the police.

Authorities arrived on scene, but were just as confused as Pencee. No signs of struggle, no signs of other people.

The strangest thing to come out of the initial investigation was the discovery that the only footprints at the campsite were Pencee’s.

Bizarre, right?

It gets worse.

On May 1, 2010, the first body appeared.

Sara Paella was found in the middle of a field, right on the spot where the original group camped. As seen in the pictures above, her desiccated corpse was found tied to a rough crucifix with barbed wire. A stitched burlap sack was thrown over her head and a collar of barbed wire adorned her neck.

Police determined that the cause of death was strangulation with the barbed wire.

On May 1, 2011, the second body appeared. Kitty Sigmon was found crucified across the street from where Pencee was living at the time. The crucifix appeared in her neighbor’s backyard. Residents on the street all reported that the only thing they heard that night was a droning noise that sounded like a plane.

Pencee McLane relocated to a new city shortly after this occurred.

On May 1, 2012, the third body appeared. Melissa Green was found crucified and hung with barbed wire. Once again, the body appeared across the street from where Pencee McLane lived. This time in the front yard.

Pencee once again moved to a new city.

On May 1, 2013, the fourth body appeared. Willis Timmermen was found crucified in Pencee’s own front yard, his body in the same shape as the others.

May 1, 2014 will be here soon and the fifth member of the group still hasn’t been found.

I wonder where that scarecrow will appear…

Image source

Student’s Dream


Student’s Dream 

Christopher Bloodworth


D uring the summer of 1968, six children disappeared without a trace in the small town of Crestwell, Arizona. The town grew frantic and found an obvious suspect in new school teacher Danny Matthews. All of the children were in his class at Crestwell Elementary and when police searched the school teacher’s house, they found a Polaroid of one of the children. The young boy was bound around the ankles and wrists with duct tape. The picture was taken from a high vantage point, shooting down into what looked like an oil drum with holes drilled around the sides.

Police theorized that Danny put each of the six children into one of these barrels and buried them in the desert that surrounds this small town.

Once Danny was in custody, the disappearances stopped.

Bill Kellingsbury, Principal of Crestwell Elementary, was quoted in the Crestwell Monitor as saying, “We are all happy that the children and the community as a whole can relax. The children can now grow up safe and sound. They can now dream as students are wont to do.”

On June 23, 1969, Danny Matthews was sentenced to death by gas chamber. Throughout the whole trial, the young school teacher denied all accusations of wrongdoing.

His last words to the gallery of grieving parents were these: “In time, you will realize that you are the murderers, not I. I hope you remember me, sitting in this chair of death, sentenced to the same. All of your hands are covered in the blood of an innocent man. Every single one of you.”

About twenty years later, the townspeople of Crestwell had moved on, mostly putting the town’s dark past behind them.

All that changed on March 22, 1989.

Beloved principal Bill Kellingsbury was found one week after he died when neighbors reported smelling something strange coming from the Kellingsbury residence.

Upon entering the residence, police found Bill dead in his bed. The coroner stated that the cause of death was natural. Upon further inspection of the house, police found a hidden door in the study. This door led to a small room with a table.

Carved into the side of the table were the words “Student’s Dream.”

Arranged around the table were the corpses of 6 humans appearing to be late adolescents. In the hands of the corpse at the head of the table was a photo album. This photo album was filled with pictures of the six children that had been kidnapped 20 years prior at various ages. All were from the same vantage point as the crucial picture that helped convict Danny Matthews to a death sentence.

Principal Bill Kellingsbury grew the children in these barrels until they were the height he wanted, and then he let them die. After that, he arranged the corpses around the table, propping the bodies up with metal wire and rods so they would stand without help.

We know this because the photo album has candid pictures of him working on the bodies. Bill also took a self-portrait, lying on the table with the decaying corpses surrounding him, every single day until the day he died.

The Militant Order of the Feminine, a.k.a. The Satin Nooses


The Militant Order of the Feminine, a.k.a. The Satin Nooses 

Christopher Bloodworth


T he Militant Order of the Feminine is a collegiate secret society of women originally formed at Washington University in St. Louis, but now operating on most collegiate campuses. This group was created in 1950 after the brutal beating and subsequent murder of honorary member Annie Trenton.

Not much is known about the six founding members, except that they were close friends of Trenton’s. When they came together to mourn her death, they made a pact with one another. They would silently look out for other women at the university as best they could, protecting the abused or those at risk of abuse.

If a woman was injured as a result of abuse, The Militant Order of the Feminine became the wolves in sheep’s clothing that the abusers never expected.

The Order stalked, drugged, and kidnapped the abuser. In addition to this, they would steal his mattress and pillow. When said abuser came to, he would find himself hanging upside down, his ankles shackled to the wall.

Once awake, an interrogation took place.

The members of The Order would don masks of silk and take turns interrogating the man about his full life history, his victim watching from behind a 2-way mirror. At the end of the interrogation, the members of The Order would consult with the victim behind the glass.

The victim would determine whether Trial by Physics should commence.

If the victim declined this, the abuser would be driven deep into the woods and set free to find his own way back to civilization. Many abusers were never found or heard from again. This lead to rumors that The Order held hunting parties without the victim’s knowledge.

If the victim decided that Trial by Physics should commence, the Queen of the Order would tie a satin noose around the offending man’s penis and testicles. The shackles would be unlocked and the man would find himself hanging by his genitals, all of his weight constricting the noose in less than a second.

This typically resulted in a severed penis and testicles. The man would then bleed out on his own mattress which was positioned below him. The genitals were deposited in a wooden carrying box that would later be placed on the man’s bloody mattress and pillow. The Order made sure to leave this grisly calling card in a public place so that everyone would know that abuse was not tolerated.

This ritual is where The Order’s nickname, The Satin Nooses, came from.

The six founding members are seen in the picture above after the very first Trial by Physics.

The Webster Culling


The Webster Culling 

Christopher Bloodworth


T he Webster family moved into their new home in early December 1964.

Mike Webster, 32.

Meryl Webster, 23.

Katrina Webster, 8.

Kaylee Webster, 7.

Charlie Webster, 5.

Two days after move-in, both girls started reported strange things to their parents. They said that their brother Charlie was speaking in his sleep about a man that lived in the toy chest.

The toy chest was actually an old trunk that the Webster’s picked up at a flea market and converted into a toy chest.

Meryl asked Charlie about the man in the toy chest the next day at breakfast.

“Hammer and nails,” Charlie answered.

When asked again, it was the only thing that he would answer about the man in the toy chest.

After several days, it became the only thing that Charlie would say at all.

“Hammer and nails,” Charlie would mutter in response to being asked what he wanted for breakfast. “Hammer and nails.”

Fourteen nights after moving into the new house, Mike and Meryl awoke to the screams of all three children. Both parents rushed down the short hallway to the children’s room. When Mike tried to turn on the light, it wouldn’t turn on.

Both Webster parents swear that they heard a deep voice whisper, “Hammered and nailed.”

The overhead light flickered once and then came on. The scene in the picture is what greeted the Websters that early morning in 1964.

What they were actually looking at became a police mystery that still has not been solved to this day.

The above picture was taken at the crime scene. Note the hammer on top of the toy chest. This hammer appears nowhere on the evidence list and neither the Websters nor any of the police that responded to the call remember it being there.

Although all three children were hung, that wasn’t the cause of death. The cause of death was a nail that had been hammered through the back of each child’s skull.

The boy at the far right of the frame is Charlie, and this is where the mystery gets even deeper.

The two girls on the left are not the Webster girls. The Webster girls disappeared that night and the two unidentified girls were killed in the bedroom.

The Webster girls have never been found, and the two dead girls that appeared in the Webster house have never been identified.

Memento Mori


Memento Mori 

Christopher Bloodworth


F rom Wikipedia: memento mori (Latin: ’remember that you will die’) is an artistic or symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death.

What’s seen in this photo is a form of memento mori that is seldom talked about as it’s hard to understand what’s going on until you really know what to look for. There are many photos like this in circulation, but few outsiders know the dark secret held within.

You only have to look at it to start noticing that something isn’t quite right.

The person on the right, sitting in the chair, is a grieving mother. That part you probably knew.

The real secret involves the person on the left. The THREE people on the left.

There is a child or young adult at the bottom of the flowing dress, hands up and gripping the ankles of their sibling, who is perched on their shoulders. The child at the bottom is completely in the dark. The sibling on their shoulders is recently deceased.

The photographer’s assistant is standing behind both children, keeping the deceased balanced upon the live sibling’s shoulders. You can see one of the assistant’s hands poking out of the sleeve. The reason you don’t see the other hand is because it’s grasping a harness that’s wrapped around the deceased child’s waist, under the dress.

This memento mori photo was given to the mother, as a way of seeing what their son or daughter might’ve looked like if they’d grown to an older age. The memento mori given to the still living sibling was a lesson to remind them that they could die. It was also meant to instill courage, as the living sibling had to remain in the dark, holding tight to their dead sibling for thirty minutes or more.