A Confession and Some Background

Five weeks until the Boothworld Industries Initiation Kit comes out.

A lot of hard work went into it to get it to a point where I was pleased to share it with y’all. I could’ve just put it out as is, but I wasn’t happy with it in stock form. I like creating special experiences that move people; I like creating things they’ve never seen before.

Make. Cool. Shit.

That’s been my motto since day one.

Part of the reason this project took so long was that I wanted to make sure that it blew your mind. I wanted you to smile right along with me at the hidden things inside.

Confession: I have a soft spot for secret things.

That’s part of the reason why the people that ordered from the first season of the BLOODWORTH Store got a special envelope in the mail a couple weeks ago. What was in it?

A special thank you note and a free sticker.

The Official (Unofficial) Thank You Note FAQ

I love making readers smile and I can’t wait to make you smile with the new book.