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Rooted in blood, darkness blooms...

When Sylvia receives a call from her grandmother telling her that her grandfather has disappeared, she returns home for the first time in years.

She finds something that she could not have expected.

Something her grandfather was growing in his greenhouse.

Something that's not from here.


He never asked to be sent to hell

When high school senior Balthazar Video enters his last semester, he meets transfer student Lucie Milton, a girl who is beautiful, quirky, and intimidating. Bal finds himself drawn to Lucie like a moth to a flame, ignoring all the warning signs that she’s keeping something from him.

Bal is keeping his own secret from Lucie though. He’s facing the biggest challenge of his life as his body begins to twist and fill with a new, dark power he was unaware he possessed.

Can Bal trust Lucie to help him through these horrific changes? Or is Lucie playing her own game, a game he doesn’t know the rules to?

Thrilling, heartbreaking, and terrifying, Handbook for a Teenage Antichrist will take you to the dark places you never knew existed, and never wanted to.

Handbook for a Teenage Antichrist is the first novel in the Armageddon Series.