Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day Cards

Christopher Bloodworth


H appy Valentine’s Day!

Do you know where Valentine’s Day cards came from? The origins are a little less wholesome than most would have you believe.

The original Valentines exchanged were children. If a couple was tired of a misbehaving son or daughter, they would exchange them with another family’s son or daughter.

Seen in this photo is the homecoming of one such Valentine. Note the traditional Valentine’s Day garb worn by the parents.

On the night of February 14th, the parents and the children would leave their homes and walk around the neighborhood until they found another couple wearing the accepted two-horned masks.

The parents would switch children and inspect them. If both parties were happy, they would exchange “Valentines” and head home with a new child.

If one or both parties were unsatisfied, they would hold out a card with a heart on it and exchange those instead.

This is where Valentine’s Day cards originated.