The Wish Room launch

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks finalizing everything for the launch of my new novel, The Wish Room. Coffee has been my steadfast companion through it all. Well, coffee and Batcat.

In just over a month, my brand new book The Wish Room will be published.

I’ve been working on this for TWO YEARS and I’m finally going to be able to put it in your hands. I’ll give you the launch date below, but first let me answer a few questions I’ve received about The Wish Room:

Q: Do I need to have read Handbook for a Teenage Antichrist to follow this book?
A: Nope. It’s a standalone novel. It WILL open up the world of Handbook a little though, but it’s not required.

Q: Where in Handbook for a Teenage Antichrist does it mention The Wish Room?
A: “Dad calls it a Wish Room.”
“A Wish Room.”
Lucie nodded. “He said that he’d been inspired to build it after having a dream about a king that had one commissioned for his castle. You know how I am about dreams? Well, my dad’s the one that raised me to appreciate them, but Bal, I hear things in there when I wake up at night.”

A: I couldn’t really answer that for sure until today. Check out this physical proof.

The Wish Room will debut on March 22, 2016!

Also, as a celebration, I have a ton of cool stuff I’m doing for you leading up to its release. So make sure you stay on my email list and open every single email.

For now, I’m just going to share the cover and a few things some early readers have said about the book:

  • Bloodworth held no punches in this book.” – Craig Stilton
  • “Probably the most interesting book Bloodworth has ever written. I’d always wondered about those Wish Rooms Lucie mentioned in Handbook for a Teenage Antichrist. Can’t wait to be terrified again.” – Emily Flores
  • This book is AWESOME. I’ve probably never read a book that delved so deeply into the falling apart of a couple and the fallout when supernatural evil becomes involved.” – Courtney Sherman
  • “Please put out more books. I never realize how much I miss Bloodworth until he releases a new book or story.” – Jolene Brown
  • “[…] is an amazing book that will make you never want to go to sleep again.” – Derek Hockley

Thanks for being a part of this!

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