Stuff I Use To Create

Let’s get right to it. Most images and titles link to the thing I’m talking about:



Das Keyboard Ultimate (Cherry Blues)

I used this mechanical keyboard to learn how to touch type. Kinda hard to cheat when there are no letters on the keyboard to look at. The website I used was


Lenovo Thinkpad X220

I wanted a super-portable laptop that still had a full, high-end keyboard. I’m not a fan of chiclet keyboards so this is where I ended up. Still waiting on a portable laptop with a mechanical keyboard.


Montblanc Starwalker

I edit with this pen. It makes every edit a little more enjoyable.


Montblanc Blue Fineliner Ink

I love this color and the way this refill glides across paper is sex.


Rhodia No. 18

I use these pads for writing editing notes in. I love the covers as well as the paper.


Rhodia Web Notebook

Have you tried Moleskine?

Yeah. These are leaps and bounds better.

Q10 (Creating)

I love this program. Super minimal. No frills or other nonsense to get in the way or distract from creating.

Microsoft Word 2013 (Editing)

I use this to edit the stuff that I write in Q10.

Indesign CS6

Cover creation and physical book creation. I use photoshop and illustrator to a lesser extent.


Ebook creation.

My Life Organized

Project tracking.

Hope that helps anyone looking for tools that work.