Round 5

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Carie smiled. Even if this wasn’t a dream, it still kind of was for her. She could get exactly what she wanted from Tanner. Whenever she wanted. However she wanted.

Stripping off her clothes, Carie walked over to the bedroom door, unlocked it, and opened it.

“Tanner?” She called.

She heard shuffling in the living room and then felt his footsteps slowly draw closer to the bedroom. He came around the corner and she saw that, like her, he wasn’t wearing anything. She bit her lip and gestured at him to come into the bedroom with a single finger. After entering the bedroom he stood there, waiting.

“I want you to lie on the bed,” she said. The quiet excitement was building.

Tanner walked to the bed and did as he was told, placing his head on the pillow and relaxing.

Carie stared at his body, feasting at the sight of his taut, rippling muscles and the ideas of what she wanted to do to him. She crept toward him, pleased to see that his cock was already stiffening up nicely for her. Crawling onto the bed, between his legs, she ran her fingernails up and down the tops of his thighs. Goosebumps appeared on the surface of Tanner’s skin and she smiled. She liked having that effect on him.

She kissed his thighs softly, starting with his left leg, right above the knee and working her way up to his hip. She brought her lips over his cock and paused there for a moment letting him feel her breath, hot and teasing, before moving to his right hip and kissing her way down his leg. When she was finished and he was fully erect, she placed the flat of her tongue right above his balls and slowly moved her tongue up his shaft to the head of his cock. She tasted Tangerine Dream and smiled, another thought flitting into her mind about all the other flavors she could try.

She pushed this away. That could come later. Right now, she wanted to see him come. She wanted to make him come.

Massaging his balls she took the head of his cock into her mouth, making eye contact with him as she did so. Involuntarily, he let out a soft moan as her tongue touched his hard, urgent flesh. The taste of Tangerine Dream grew stronger the longer she sucked. She tried licking his cock like a popsicle, not surprised in the least when the flavor reaction on her tongue was much the same as licking that sweet frozen treat.

As she worked his cock with her mouth, she had another thought. Sure, she wanted him to come in her mouth, but she also wanted to see what his come looked like. It had been watery when it was dripping out of her earlier and she had to wonder why.

Carie got to business, working her mouth and tongue up and down as she massaged his balls. When she felt his hips began to push up into her, she smiled. It had been a long time since a man had wanted her in this way. It had been a long time since she’d been able to please anyone like this. As Tanner’s breath became more ragged and he began breathing harder, she brought her head away and began stroking her hand up and down his shaft.

She worked faster and faster and when he came, her mouth fell open in surprise. She’d aimed his cock straight up in the air, but at an angle where she wouldn’t get hit in the face, or worse her eyes. When his cock started pulsing with cum, she leaned back, watching as what looked like sparkling glitter erupted from his dick as if from a confetti cannon. The glitter almost made it to the ceiling before it slowly began drifting down.

Carie had a sudden bit of inspiration and leaned forward, sticking her tongue out. One of the larger glitter flakes landed on her tongue and melted, bursting with the taste of Tangerine Dream. Carie continued catching the floating Tangerine Dream cum as it floated down. Some of it landed on Tanner’s stomach and chest, melting from the heat of his body.

Carie crawled next to him on the bed and lay there, thinking about everything she just seen and experienced. Shaking these thoughts away, she realized how tired she was, how ready for sleep she was, but first…

“Hey, my turn,” she said.

Tanner immediately rolled toward her, softly pressing his lips to hers. They kissed like this for a while and she realized she was getting the same tangerine flavor, but in a more subtle way.

When she was ready, she started pushing his head down toward where she wanted his tongue to do its sweet work. Tanner paused at her breasts, starting to suckle them, but Carie shook her head.

“I’m ready,” she said pushing his head down toward where her legs were spread, open and waiting for him.

Carie lay back, her eyes closed as she felt his lips and tongue work their way down her body. He slowly kissed her vulva, allowing his lips to linger so she could feel the heat of his breath. His tongue soon began to do much the same as his lips were, and then, when she thought she was going to go wild with expectation and want, needing him to get to it and to stop teasing her, she felt his tongue slip into her slit and begin working in circles around the outer perimeter of her clitoris.

Carie let herself go, enjoying the heat and texture of his tongue as he traced circles around her clit.

“Suck on it,” she breathed.

Tanner sucked her clit into his mouth and kept spinning circles around it with his tongue, moving faster and faster as her breath began to speed up.

“Faster,” she said and Tanner did as requested.

“Up… and down… hard…” Carie said between ragged breaths. As Tanner’s tongue changed its motion in response to her every desire, all the muscles in her body began to tense and ready.

“I’m… I’m… I’m…” Carie couldn’t finish her sentence though as her body clenched in orgasm, her mouth opening in an O that sound no longer left.

When she was able to, she sucked in a quick breath and pushed Tanner’s face away from her. He crawled up next to her and she kissed him on the mouth, hard. She released the embrace and he wrapped her up in his arms until she began to drift off to sleep.

“I’m gonna get ready for bed and pass out,” she said.

Tanner nodded and got up, closing the door behind him as he left the bedroom.

Carie lay in bed for several quiet moments, just enjoying the relaxing feeling that spread through her body, the taste of Tangerine Dream still on her lips.


Chapter 13


The next morning, Carie walked into her living room to find it empty. Frowning, she headed to the kitchen, thinking maybe Tanner had decided to eat finally.

He wasn’t in the kitchen either though.

She walked through the rest of the house, looking in all the places he could’ve been and not finding him. She called out his name, but he didn’t respond.

“Where the hell did he go?” She asked the empty house.

Something else crept into her mind. Something that had been playing around the edges her thoughts throughout all of the day before’s events.

Maybe I was dreaming? Carie thought. I don’t see how though. It was so vivid. And it was the entire day, not just parts.

Her thoughts faded away and she sat down at the table in her kitchen, mind working furiously over everything that had happened. The ringing of her cell broke her out of her thoughts.

She glanced at the caller ID and saw that it read Karl’s Kones. Rolling her eyes, she kicked it over to voicemail. Thirty seconds later, her phone buzzed, alerting her that she had a new voicemail. She unlocked her phone to listen to the message, but there was a knock at the front door before she got the chance.

“Guess I’m super popular today,” she said under her breath as she walked to the front door. Looking through the peephole, Carie saw a man and a woman.

When she opened the door, both the man and woman showed her a badge.

“Are you Carie Flint?” The woman asked.

Carie nodded. She’d never had police officers on her doorstep before. Hell, she didn’t even think she’d ever had to call the police before.

“Can we come in?” The male officer asked.

Carie crossed her arms and stepped out, closing the door to the house behind her. “No. I don’t think so. What’s this about?”

“This would really be a lot easier if we could just do it inside,” the female officer said, giving Carie a smile.

Carie didn’t smile back. “No, thanks. What are your names?”

“I’m Detective Schmidt,” the woman said, the fake smile falling off her face. “And this is my partner, Detective Longbaugh.”

“Detectives Longbaugh and Schmidt, what can I do for you?” Carie asked.

“We had a couple of questions about your whereabouts last night,” Schmidt said.

“Uh huh,” Carie said. “I’m afraid I’m going to need a lawyer before I answer any of your questions.”

“Why?” Longbaugh said, a confused look on his face. “Did you do something wrong?”

Carie rolled her eyes. “I think we’re finished here.”

Schmidt held up her hand. “Hold on. I think we got off on the wrong foot. Do you know Angela McAdams?”

Without realizing it, Carie nodded.

Schmidt and Longbaugh both seemed to catch this.

“Great,” Schmidt said. “Here’s the deal, anything you could tell us about your relationship with her would really help.”

“Is she okay?” Carie asked.

Schmidt and Longbaugh shared a glance for a moment before Schmidt continued. “No. I’m afraid not.”

“Is she in the hospital?” Carie felt her world begin to crumble. “Which one? I’ll go there now.”

Longbaugh cleared his throat. “She’s in the hospital, all right, but she’s in the morgue.”

Carie felt all the air leave her lungs. It couldn’t be true. There was no way it could be true.

“Are you sure?” Carie asked when she finally got her breath back.

“Positive,” Schmidt answered.

The world seemed to be spinning and nothing made sense.

How could Angela be dead?

Carie stared past the two detectives, confused and a little worried.

“Well, we know where to find you,” Schmidt said, handing her a card. “Give us a call if you think of anything, and don’t leave the city.”

Carie took the card, but didn’t say anything.

“It’s a real shame,” Longbaugh said, looking as though he didn’t think it was anything of the sort. “I wonder what’s going to happen to your ice cream shop now.”

The same thought had come to Carie’s mind, but she’d pushed it away initially, more concerned about Angela. This brought it all back though. What would happen now? What would she do? Did she have any ownership?

More importantly, what happened to Angela?

Carie watched the detectives walk down the sidewalk, get into a car, and drive away. She stood on her front porch for several minutes, thinking over what she wanted to do next, what her next move would be.

Making up her mind, Carie went into the house and prepared.


Chapter 14


Carie drove to Honeybee Sweets ‘n Treats immediately. After unlocking the door, letting herself in, and locking it back, she called out.

She knew she needed help and knew exactly who she wanted the help from.


There was no answer, but Carie went through the entire building, hoping against hope that Tanner was just asleep in one of the rooms.

Carie saved the walk-in for last, her stomach fluttering as she stood outside, not sure what she would find inside. When she managed to get up the nerve to open the door to the walk-in, she did so in a fluid motion and immediately stepped in.

The empty space next to the Freezer Amor was still empty. Thankfully, the Tangerine Dream container hadn’t reappeared, which meant she wasn’t totally insane.

Unfortunately, there was a new empty space on the shelf above where the Tangerine Dream had been. Carie frowned and approached the Freezer Amor. She bit her lip and pulled open the door. Inside was a brand-new package with a man inside.

The label on the package read Rocky Road.

“What…” Carie mumbled, closing the door to the Freezer Amor and leaving the walk-in. She sat down at one of the tables in the ice cream shop and tried to think.

Tanner had disappeared, her boss had been murdered, and now there was a new flavor in the Freezer Amor.

One she hadn’t put in there.

The End


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