Round 4

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Chapter 11


Carie closed the door to the freezer immediately, taking a step back. She stared at the words “Freezer Amor” as wild thoughts raced through her mind. She couldn’t have seen what she thought she saw. There was no way. It was impossible.

Yet there she was with the image seared into her mind of what she’d seen.

“Still though…” She mumbled as she reached out for the handle again. This time she opened it slowly, an inch at a time, barely breathing.

“Oh shit,” she said in a scared voice. She pulled the freezer door open all the way, her heart pounding up in her throat as she stared at what stood inside the Freezer Amor.

It was a man. He was encased in what looked like thin cellophane. There was a red circle over his right eye and a red line that extended down to his feet. Hanging from the plastic at his bellybutton was what appeared to be a sheaf of papers in some sort of plastic folder. Stamped across the plastic, at chest level, were two words that made Carie’s mouth fall open.

Tangerine Dream.

Carie laughed, but when she heard her laugh in the small confines of the walk-in she stopped. There was a wavering, not altogether sane sound to it that she’d never heard before.

“Okay,” Carie said to herself. “This has to be a joke. I’m being pranked.”

Carie took a step back from the Freezer Amor and looked around. Nothing she saw looked like a hidden camera. Nothing she saw looked out of place or different, except for the man standing in the freezer encased in plastic packaging.

What if it was Rob trying to get back at her? What if this was some sort of—

That seemed almost as wild as this being a hidden camera show. Her ex-boyfriend had planted a body in her freezer? Was that really where her mind was going to jump to?

Carie closed the Freezer Amor and stood in front of it with her arms crossed, trying to think. What should she do? Call the police? Call Teresa?

The thought of calling Teresa made Carie sick to her stomach. Teresa had gone out on a limb and believed in Carie. This whole thing with the body being in the freezer seemed like a definite betrayal of that trust.

“I need to figure this out by myself,” Carie said with a firm nod. She returned to the Freezer Amor and pulled open the door again.

The man with the Tangerine Dream label on his chest was still there. Carie lifted the packet of papers, half scared that he was going to reach out and grab her wrist.

The papers were blank except for a few sentences.


Firmly grasp red circle and pull down to start the thawing process.

Once thawed, enjoy.


Carie frowned.

Once thawed, enjoy? she thought. Like she was going to eat him?

The whole thing didn’t make any sense, but Carie didn’t see much of an option. She reached out for the red circular tab and pulled down. The plastic opened along the red line with a whoosh of rushing air. The sweet fragrance of vanilla and citrus wafted out from inside the bag. There was something else there as well though. Something primal. Something… alive.

When the man’s hand twitched, she almost screamed. Some part of her, deep down, had been convinced he was nothing more than a realistic manikin or prop of some sort. Seeing his hand move though dispelled that notion.

The man sucked in a sudden deep breath and let it out softly. His lungs rose and fell steadily and his hands clenched into fists and released, clenched and released. When he opened his eyes, Carie let out a gasp. He was looking right at her. She didn’t know why she found this surprising, but she did.

The man cleared his throat and spoke. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Carie said in return. She didn’t really know what to say, but thought it was safe enough just to repeat back the word he had spoken.

“What’s my name?” The man asked.

Carie began to answer, began to read the label off his chest back to him but stopped. She really wanted to tell him that his name was Tangerine Dream? That seemed silly.

“Tanner,” Carie finally said. “Your name is Tanner.”

Tanner nodded as though it were obvious. “And your name?”

“Carie,” she said, cursing herself for giving him her real name and promptly chastising herself for that.

“Hi, Carie,” Tanner said. “What do you want to do?”

“I want you to step out of that plastic. It’s weird talking to you through the slit in the packaging.”

This whole conversation felt surreal, but she tried to stay grounded in the fact that it was definitely happening.

Or was it?

Tanner slipped through the slit in the packaging and stood before her. He was fully dressed. Leather boots, jeans, a white sweater, and a puffy orange vest. His tanned skin glowed beneath the light of the walk-in and shone off his blonde hair. Beneath the sweater she could see the bulges where hidden muscle lay. She could also see another bulge, but averted her eyes quickly.

“And now?” Tanner asked. He looked as though he genuinely wanted to please her, as though he genuinely wanted her to tell him what to do, what wish he could fulfill in order to make her happy in that moment.

“Well…” She stumbled over her words as her eyes kept finding their way back to the bulge in Tanner’s pants. She bit her lip. It had been so long since Rob, or anyone for that matter, had touched her. Frowning, she wondered when the last time she’d even touched herself had been. Then there was the whole problem of the man stepping out from inside of a freezer where she’d put ice cream in the night before.

So I’m dreaming, she thought. I have to be dreaming. There’s no other way a container of ice cream could turn into a man overnight, was there?

“You’ll do anything?” Carie asked.

Tanner nodded. “Anything,” he said, taking a step toward Carie.

The smell of citrus was strong in Carie’s nose. She wanted to step into Tanner, to put her nose right against his neck and breathe all of him in at once. Clearing her head, she asked him a question instead.

“Where did you come from?”

Tanner cocked his head to the side as though he were confused by the question. “From the freezer,” he answered as though this were obvious.

“Right, but before that. Where did you come from?”

Tanner pointed to the empty place on the shelf next to the Freezer Amor. The place where Carie had pulled the container of Tangerine Dream off the shelf. “Right there.”

Okay. There it was. She was totally dreaming. This was all a crazy dream and as such—“Take off your vest.”

She said it in a low, urgent voice. A small part of her didn’t believe this was a dream at all, but the rest of her being thought this was all fake. That part was the part that was talking in the low, urgent voice.

Tanner unzipped the puffy vest and let it slide down his arms to the floor of the walk-in. With the vest gone she could see more of his body. Formerly covered, his chest bulged beneath the sweater. She wanted to see what the bulges looked like without the sweater covering them.

“Take off your sweater.” Her voice was husky.

Tanner obeyed, pulling the sweater over his head in a slow, languid movement that revealed rippling abs covered in beautiful tan skin as well as his chest.

“Oh,” she said. Her mouth felt dry. Her hands shook, but she continued. “Take off your pants.”

Tanner gave her a dazzling smile and she felt her nipples go hard. He bent down and untied his boots, tossing them to the side. He unbuttoned the top button of his jeans and looked up at her.

“Do you want to do the rest?” He asked.

Carie did. She wanted to walk right up to him, unzip his fly, and allow her hand to slide inside his pants to find the one thing she craved in that moment.

Carie shook her head. “You do it. I want to watch you do it.”

Tanner nodded, looking down at his fly. He gripped the zipper in his strong hand and slowly started unzipping it. Carie’s mouth slowly opened as the zipper was drawn down lower and lower. The light from the walk-in cast shadows and she couldn’t see what he was revealing. When the zipper was down, Carie could see that his bulge had grown larger. Tanner was enjoying this is much as she was.

Carie spoke in a breathless whisper. “Let me see. Slide them down.”

Tanner nodded, his fists wrapping around the waist of his jeans and pulling them down. Carie’s mouth fell open even wider as she stared at Tanner’s thick cock. It was so hard it seemed to be straining against the skin. Sitting at the very tip of his cock, she could see a shining diamond of pre-cum. Biting her lip, Carie stepped forward. She let her body and the primal, animal part inside her take over. One hand reached out, wrapping around the thick heft of Tanner’s dick. With her other hand, she brought the tip of her finger to the pre-cum and rubbed in slow circles around the tip of his cock. He moaned softly as she brought the tip of her finger away and placed it on her tongue.

It tasted sweet.

Like Tangerine Dream.

Carie closed her eyes as Tanner’s arms wrapped around her. She squeezed his cock as he brought his lips to hers, playfully at first, teasing and tickling her lips with his tongue as she continued to do the same to his cock. Soon the soft, playful kisses turned into something more earnest and their tongues began searching each other’s mouths for the pleasure they so desperately sought. Carie, not wanting to waste any more time, undid her own pants and pulled them down. She kicked them off and frowned.

They were inside of the walk-in freezer. Where were they going to—

Tanner lifted her before she could voice any sort of concern as to where they would end up and placed her wanting, needing lips right above his cock. He looked into her eyes and she nodded. He smiled and allowed gravity to slowly draw her down onto him. He filled her in a way that she’d never been filled before. In a way Rob had never filled her. She kicked her head back and let out a soft gasp when she stopped at the hilt of his cock. He held her like that for a few moments, allowing her to get used to him being inside of her before lifting her. He allowed her to slide back down and they continued this slow rocking motion, him standing, lifting her up and down, drawing her up and down his cock, as they continued tasting and feeling each other both inside and out.

Carie began bucking her hips harder and harder, wanting to go over the edge, needing to go over the edge. That sweet tension built in waves that broke across her body as Tanner continued fucking her in the middle of the walk-in.

“Push me against the shelf and really pound me,” she said between ragged breaths.

Tanner did exactly what she wanted, still holding her up in his arms, but pressing her against one of the shelves and thrusting in and out of her until she came. Only once she came did he stop.

“Did you not cum?” She asked.

“Do you want me to cum?” He asked in return. It was a weird question, but then again he was ice cream made human so she didn’t find it all that weird in comparison.

“I don’t know, but I want to cum again,” she said, beginning to buck her hips again.

He put on an easy smile and started thrusting again. “Alright.”

It didn’t take long for her to cum a second time and when she did she cried out, digging her fingernails into Tanner’s naked back as she wrapped her arms around him. Breathing jaggedly, she thought about his previous question. If this was a dream, why shouldn’t he cum inside of her. It wasn’t like she was going to get pregnant.

Carie leaned in and whispered into his ear. “I want you to cum when I do.”

Tanner began working again, moving in and out, slowly at first, but then faster and faster as her breathing picked up. When she went over the edge and her vagina began clenching rhythmically around his cock, Tanner let out a low moan and she could feel a sudden coldness inside of her as his throbbing cock released his seed.

She clenched down with each of his throbs, wanting it all inside of her, needing it all inside of her.

When he was finished, she nodded and he lifted her off of his still erect cock and set her down. She pressed her hand between her legs and ran out of the walk-in to the bathroom. It seemed like such a mundane, ordinary thing to do if this was a dream. Sitting on the toilet, feeling his cum drip out between her legs into the water, she looked at her hand. Some of it was on her fingers and she brought them to her nose, rubbing her fingers together as she sniffed. Her fingers smelled like Tangerine Dream and she stuck out her tongue to taste it.

It even tasted like Tangerine Dream, but it wasn’t sticky at all. It seemed almost as if it was water.


When she’d finished cleaning up, she went back to the walk-in freezer and picked up her jeans. She pulled them on as well as her shoes. Tanner watched her, still naked. Looking at his body made her want him all over again and she shook her head.

“What?” Tanner asked.

Carie laughed. “I’ve needed that for a long time.”

“Well, it’s here anytime you want.”

Carie bit her lip and walked over, caressing his cock and balls, enjoying the feeling and heft of it in her hand. “Good.”

“Carie?” A muffled voice called from what seemed like far away.

Carie nodded. It made sense. It was time to wake up. The dream was over and she was being called back to reality.

“Carie, are you in there?” The muffled voice called and Carie realized that she recognized the voice. It was Teresa’s voice.

Carie looked at Tanner, a look of confusion on her face. If Teresa was out there calling her, was this a dream?

“Get dressed,” Carie whispered to Tanner, feeling as though she were on the verge of being caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing.

Fucking the ice cream, she thought, but pushed that away.

Carie watched Tanner get dressed and checked herself over once more before exiting the walk-in. Teresa stood at the front door peering in through the glass with cupped hands. Her eyes searched the store and when they locked onto Carie’s face, they lit up and Teresa smiled.

Carie held up her hand in both a wave and also to say I’m coming as she headed to the front door. She unlocked it and let Teresa in.

“Hey,” Teresa said. “Sorry I missed you this morning. I slept in.”

“Oh,” Carie said with a shrug. “It’s fine. We didn’t have a meeting or anything.”

“I know, I just don’t like getting a late start on the day.”

Carie nodded. She didn’t really understand that sentiment, enjoying sleeping in for as long as possible, but to each their own.

“Are you feeling okay?” Teresa asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Your cheeks are flushed and it smells like—” Teresa looked over Carie’s shoulder and smiled before lowering her voice. “Oh, I didn’t know you had company.”

Carie looked over her shoulder and saw Tanner moving towards them.

“Hi,” Teresa said.

“Hi,” Tanner responded.

Teresa looked from Carie to Tanner and back. “Are you going to introduce me?”

“Oh,” Carie said, her mind ablaze at everything that was happening. “Teresa, this is Tanner. Tanner, Teresa.”

“Nice to meet you, Tanner.” Teresa nodded with a playful smirk on her face. “You’re a… new employee?”

Carie started to say no, but Tanner spoke up.

“I am.”

“You are,” Carie said, more in surprise than anything else.

Tanner nodded.

“Okay. That’s all that then,” Teresa said. She began sniffing again. “What’s that smell in here? Citrus and…”

“Tangerine Dream,” Tanner said before Carie could say anything.

“Right.” Teresa smiled. “Tangerine Dream. Tanner. Perfect.”

Teresa and Carie went over several business items before Teresa headed back to the coffee shop. The rest of the day passed in a blur. Tanner helped her out with whatever she wanted him to help her with. He always seemed genuinely interested in doing what she wanted. He always seemed as though he wanted to please her. At the end of the day, when she was ready to go home she realized there was a problem.

“Uh, Tanner?”

Tanner looked up from what he was doing. “What’s up?”

“Where… uh… where do you live?” Carie asked.

“Here,” Tanner said.

“Here,” Carie repeated. “What you mean here?”

“Honeybee Sweets ‘n Treats.”

Carie opened her mouth to say something, but stopped. “Have you eaten anything all day?”

Tanner shrugged. “No, should I have?”

“I don’t… I don’t know.”

“I don’t either,” Tanner said with a smile.

“Okay, so uh, you’re gonna stay here and watch the shop overnight?”


“Look, Tanner. I can’t let you do that. I know we… well… you know.”

Tanner didn’t say anything. He just watched her.

“Look, I can’t just let you spend the night in the shop. Uh, even though… I can’t just let you stay in the shop.”

“Okay. I’ll go home with you.”

“That’s not going to work. My place is tiny. Too tiny.”

“I don’t take up much room.”

Carie opened her mouth to say something else, but sighed instead. “Fine. You can sleep on my couch, but that’s it.”

“Thank you,” Tanner said.

Carie shook her head, but didn’t know what else to do. This whole thing had grown far too surreal for her.


Chapter 12


Tanner stared out the window the entire car ride back to Carie’s house, not saying a word. As soon as Carie opened the door and allowed him to enter, he made a beeline for her couch. He kicked off his shoes and laid down, staring up at the ceiling.

Uneasy, Carie sat on the edge of the couch. “Do you sleep?”

“Do I?”

Carie didn’t have an answer to that. “I think that’s up to you.”

“Okay,” Tanner said. He continued staring at the ceiling and Carie went to go make dinner. She thought about offering Tanner some food, but decided against it. She wanted to see how far he was really willing to go with this. Would he not eat? Would he not sleep?

Carie didn’t know, but she sure as hell was going to find out.

After Carie finished eating, she said good night to Tanner and headed to her room. She locked the door and turned on her laptop. She had several things she wanted to find out. She wanted to know who made the Freezer Amor. She wanted to know if anything like this had happened before.

Searching the Internet for Freezer Amor yielded hardly anything. There was an article here and there referenced on message boards, but Carie couldn’t seem to find the actual article. Nothing concrete. Nothing solid.

She was about to go and start getting ready for bed when she decided to search something else: Amor ice cream.

This time she got several interesting hits. Apparently, there had once been a company called Amor Ice Cream ompany. They had specialized in rare flavors using hard-to-find ingredients, methods, and recipes. Everything they made was in small batches and always sold out even before the batch had been completely made.

It seemed as though at the end of the company’s lifetime, they began experimenting in consumer appliances, researching a line of freezers, a line of refrigerated pantries, and a line of coffee roasters. The company’s headquarters was originally located in Pittsburgh, but had burned down in a freak accident. In the aftermath of the fire, the company never recovered, filing for bankruptcy and disappearing forever.

“Until now, at least,” Carie mumbled, clicking on several other links. She ended up on another page dedicated to conspiracy theories. This page alleged that the Amor Ice Cream Company had burned down their own headquarters in order to keep their experimental discoveries a secret.

What were they, the Willie Wonka of ice cream fucking?

The experiments that the website claimed the company took part in involved human subjects. The police had been onto the Amor Ice Cream Company, but in the aftermath of the fire, dropped all the investigation as the company no longer existed. The website also alleged that the company had relocated and was now operating under a different name, but still experimenting and creating appliances that had the power to do otherworldly things.

“Like turning ice cream into humans,” Carie mumbled.

She shut down her laptop and leaned back in her chair, thinking about how good it felt when Tanner was inside of her. How good he had made her feel when he was thrusting in and out of her. She chewed the inside of her cheek as she considered. It was late, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have a little dessert, right? Already knowing what she wanted, she sat down on the bed and took several deep breaths. If this man was up for anything, she wondered if she could explore his body has she saw fit. She wanted to know what it would be like for him to come in her mouth. She wanted for him to make her his in all the ways that a man could.

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