The Mirror of Ash

The Mirror of Ash 

Christopher Bloodworth


S een in this photo is one of the few pictures of the Mirror of Ash, a haunted mirror once owned by a prominent St. Louis couple in the 1940’s. Legend has it that the mirror was used in the murder of 13 prostitutes, whether by the couple together, or by either the husband or wife.

The mirror has no known origin or provenance

This mirror has been seen around the city of St. Louis in one form or another for the last 20 years. No one knows what caused it to begin appearing in the first place or what causes it to appear now.

All that is known are these four facts:

1. It always appears in the main lobbies of an apartment complex.

2. It’s always seen sitting on the ground, usually propped in a corner.

3. There is always a long crack in its surface. Reports vary as to the location of the crack on the surface.

4. If viewed straight on, you see your own reflection. If the mirror is viewed from the side at an angle, you will see the reflection of the item with which you will be killed in the coming days.

The photographer of this image passed away a month after posting this photo to their flickr. A wadded up brown paper towel was found lodged in their throat.