The Militant Order of the Feminine, a.k.a. The Satin Nooses

The Militant Order of the Feminine, a.k.a. The Satin Nooses 

Christopher Bloodworth


T he Militant Order of the Feminine is a collegiate secret society of women originally formed at Washington University in St. Louis, but now operating on most collegiate campuses. This group was created in 1950 after the brutal beating and subsequent murder of honorary member Annie Trenton.

Not much is known about the six founding members, except that they were close friends of Trenton’s. When they came together to mourn her death, they made a pact with one another. They would silently look out for other women at the university as best they could, protecting the abused or those at risk of abuse.

If a woman was injured as a result of abuse, The Militant Order of the Feminine became the wolves in sheep’s clothing that the abusers never expected.

The Order stalked, drugged, and kidnapped the abuser. In addition to this, they would steal his mattress and pillow. When said abuser came to, he would find himself hanging upside down, his ankles shackled to the wall.

Once awake, an interrogation took place.

The members of The Order would don masks of silk and take turns interrogating the man about his full life history, his victim watching from behind a 2-way mirror. At the end of the interrogation, the members of The Order would consult with the victim behind the glass.

The victim would determine whether Trial by Physics should commence.

If the victim declined this, the abuser would be driven deep into the woods and set free to find his own way back to civilization. Many abusers were never found or heard from again. This lead to rumors that The Order held hunting parties without the victim’s knowledge.

If the victim decided that Trial by Physics should commence, the Queen of the Order would tie a satin noose around the offending man’s penis and testicles. The shackles would be unlocked and the man would find himself hanging by his genitals, all of his weight constricting the noose in less than a second.

This typically resulted in a severed penis and testicles. The man would then bleed out on his own mattress which was positioned below him. The genitals were deposited in a wooden carrying box that would later be placed on the man’s bloody mattress and pillow. The Order made sure to leave this grisly calling card in a public place so that everyone would know that abuse was not tolerated.

This ritual is where The Order’s nickname, The Satin Nooses, came from.

The six founding members are seen in the picture above after the very first Trial by Physics.