Let’s Play Doctor! (Lucy Mecrea & Mark Mecrea)

Let’s Play Doctor! (Lucy Mecrea & Mark Mecrea) 

Christopher Bloodworth


O ne of the most popular images on the internet also has the darkest, unknown back story you’ll ever read.

On April 25, 2006, Dr. Lucy Mecrea gave the two Mecrea boys a fruit smoothie to take to her husband, Mark Mecrea. She told the boys that they were going to play a silly joke on their father.

Unbeknownst to Mark, the smoothie was dosed with both Ambien and Lunesta. After drinking the smoothie, Mark soon grew sleepy and retired to the bedroom to take a nap. The combined dosage of Ambien and Lunesta was enough to keep Mark under for several hours.

With Mark unconscious, Lucy asked her boys if they wanted to play doctor and pretend that they were her.

The boys said yes, and Lucy gave them several syringes each that were filled with “medicine to make daddy feel all better again.” The boys then had a field day with the syringes and their father. The coroner noted that Mark Mecrea had over 400 puncture wounds in various locations from the syringes. In each syringe was a cocktail of bleach, antifreeze, codeine, and promethazine.

In the picture, you can even see a place on the pillow where one of the boys accidentally squirted one of the syringes.

Left behind, pinned to a dead Mark Mecrea’s chest with a syringe was this cryptic note: I’ve just awoken from the most lovely, sick dream. I’m nice, I swear. I only ever wanted to live until Marchtember Oneteenth. George Costanza knows that also I love food. Soon my boys will too.

Lucy was found two years later, living in a tiny cabin in Crestline, California. Her children’s bones were found jumbled up and buried in the back yard. The bones showed evidence of teeth marks.

The candid image of the blissful Mecrea boys posing for the camera with the body of their murdered father continues to be uploaded across the web because the children appear to be enjoying themselves and the father is just enduring it.

The image is said to be parenthood in a nutshell.

The back story is much darker.