Today is the last day!

Today is the last day to grab a copy of The Wish Room and get access to all of the free giveaways.

If you missed the early previews, here’s what the book is about:

What lies behind the locked closet door?

This question consumes Harold Withers as he and his wife Nora attempt to bury the ghosts of past tensions in their new house. While Harold obsesses over opening the locked door in his study, Nora yearns for the child and the new attempt at life Harold promised to deliver.

What lies behind the locked door has other plans though.

When Nora finally realizes that there is only one way to ensure she gets what she wants, she takes matters into her own hands.

As the lies stack up between the married couple, the door opens to reveal what can only be called…

The Wish Room

And here’s just a few things people have said after reading it:

  • Bloodworth held no punches in this book.” – Craig Stilton
  • “Probably the most interesting book Bloodworth has ever written. I’d always wondered about those Wish Rooms Lucie mentioned in Handbook for a Teenage Antichrist. Can’t wait to be terrified again.” – Emily Flores
  • This book is AWESOME. I’ve probably never read a book that delved so deeply into the falling apart of a couple and the fallout when supernatural evil becomes involved.” – Courtney Sherman
  • “Please put out more books. I never realize how much I miss Bloodworth until he releases a new book or story.” – Jolene Brown
  • “[…] is an amazing book that will make you never want to go to sleep again.” – Derek Hockley

Again, you have less than 10 hours left to access the giveaways I’m including free for everyone that purchases by today.

If you buy right now, I’ll immediately send you:

Extra 1:
Greed – The Machine: A Card Game for Backstabbers
You’ll get two different pdfs of this card game (color and greyscale) and an instruction sheet.

Extra 2:
A behind-the-scenes pdf that contains all 16 covers I made for The Wish Room before deciding on the current cover along with my thinking for cutting all the covers I didn’t use.

Here’s how…
FIRST, buy the book: Click here for links to all the different stores.
SECOND, forward your receipt to

That’s it! I’ll follow up and send you your giveaways.

Thanks so much!