Over the last few weeks I’ve been hinting at some cool stuff I’m doing with the launch of The Wish Room.

Next Wednesday — less than a week from now — I’m announcing something big.

Ever since I’ve finished my book, I’ve been working on some really cool stuff to go along with it.

I’ve created several new things including:

Extra 1:
Greed – The Machine: A Card Game for Backstabbers

Yep. You’ll get a pdf file of the brand new card game I created. This is a really fun game if you like playing backstabby type games. From what we’ve tested, this game works best with 2-6 players. It’s a pretty easy game to learn and get the hang of, and can be quite intense as the play deck runs low. I plan on running a kickstarter for this game so this is your chance to get in on the ground floor and play before the rest of the world.

If you pre-order The Wish Room before March 22nd, you’ll get two different pdfs of this card game (color and greyscale) and an instruction sheet.

Extra 2:
A behind-the-scenes pdf that contains all 16 covers I made for The Wish Room before deciding on the current cover.

I love book covers. No, really… It’s gross how much I love them. I have this really bad habit of making covers for books I’ll never write. If you order The Wish Room before midnight on March 22nd, you’ll get a pdf of all my cover proofs for The Wish Room. This includes commentary on why I chose the cover I did and why I decided against the others.

So next Wednesday, make sure you open the email I send you and I’ll show you how you can get your hands on them.

Thanks again for being a part of my work and I can’t wait to share The Wish Room with you soon!